Vidmate for iOS (iPhone & iPad)


Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices is the best resource for you to watch latest movies from your phone. In this tutorial, we have explained in detail the complete procedure to download Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices, install, and also, use it.This app is very fast when compared to other apps, and it gets updated regularly providing all the latest movies are also present in it.

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It is an amazing app which is used to watch the latest TV serials and movies as well. All this can be done by just a simple click. You can keep reading if you want to download Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices.

Download Vidmate for iPhone iPad and IOS Devices

If you want it on your iPhone or iOS devices, then please read below to get all the latest tips about all the things.

Vidmate for iPhone,iPad,iOS Devices:

Many of the other ways too watch movies include unnecessary pop-ups and ads but using vid mate we can watch movies continuously without any break. It can also be used for downloading HD videos to our mobile phones directly.

Many popular apps and websites don’t have this option to download movies or TV serial directly to our phones; video mate allows us to download them easily with just a single click.

Features of Vidmate Downloader App:

  1. It has everything we need for entertainment by watching movies and TV serials.
  2. It is available for free of cost, and you don’t need to pay high charges to watch movies of your choice.
  3. It has lived TV option for Indian Channels.
  4. We can watch movies directly with our mobile phones.
  5. It is precisely optimized for 2G and also for 3G and 4G devices.

Vidmate for iPhone,iPad,iOS Devices:

We are sorry to say you guys that this app is not available for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices. But someone has contacted the developers about this unavailability of Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices. The developers seem to have confirmed about the availability of Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices soon.

Don’t get disappointed that Vidmate for iPhone,iPad, iOS Devices is not available for download. We have got something even better for you, all the iPhone,iPad and iOS users can download and use one other app which could be used to stream and watch movies and TV serials seamlessly, i.e., Moviebox for iPhone.

Movie boxes the best alternative for vid mate and Moviebox was the first app which came before vidmate. It is available for download for free. The procedure to download is very simple and can be followed very easily.

Download Moviebox for iPhone,iPad, iOS:

  1. To do this first, we need to download Share app for iOS devices to get Moviebox. To download vshare click here.
  2. Once you download it, you have to install it properly.
  3. Now it will ask while installing vshare ; a trust option is given we have to press on the trust button.
  4. Now it will get installed, you have to open it and find the search box.
  5. In the search box enter the name of the MOviebox and download it will appear as soon as you click it.
  6. Install movie box and later it will appear on the installed apps.
  7. Again click on trust button you did while downloading share and it will install. Now in the movie box app, you can watch whatever movie you want to watch.


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