Newest Movies HD .APK Download

newest movies hd apk downloadLooking for a way to binge watch your favorite movies on your android device? With torrent sites, and all other movie streaming websites getting banned in some countries, it becomes a pesky task to find a good source to stream movies.

Binge watching, or merely watching a movie is a great way to be entertained in your free time. You can do that via Newest Movies HD app, a dedicated Android application to watch movies online.

Figuring out which movie is confusing, especially when you’re planning to watch in a group. But more puzzling is to figure out how and where to watch. Sometimes, you may want to download the movie and store it offline, other times you might not be willing to download but just stream it online.

Streaming is comparably harder than downloading a movie. Because, streaming a movie takes a lot of server bandwidth and storage, thereby not a lot of websites prefer doing it (as compared to movie download sites).

If you have searched youtube to watch a movie online, you might have encountered one of those videos, who don’t have the movie, but instead, ask to open another website, and that landing page has nothing but ads or asks for money.

With all these issues, it becomes hard to find a trustable source for streaming movies. Here, I’ll discuss a solution to this problem.

Introduction to Newest Movies HD App

By this line, you must have guessed what the application is intended to do.It is a movie streaming application that lets you watch movies online on your smartphone.

One of the best things about this app is that it updates every movie right after it is released. From its name itself, you can guess that all the movies are provided in high definition.

Regularly updated movies, high definition prints, no downloading required, the app has got everything that you need in one place.

Like youtube, you can favorite movies to watch them later on. You can also download movies in and watch them offline.

Downloaded movies are stored in your gallery so you can watch them while traveling, or anytime where you won’t have access to the internet (or fast internet).

Salient Features of Newest Movies HD

I’ve already shared two of its best features above, but the list of its features goes beyond regularly updated and high-quality movie streaming. Here is a list of some of its features:

  • Free of Cost: You don’t need to pay anything, and there are no hidden charges as well.
  • HD Streaming: All the content in this app is available in high definition to ensure proper watching experience.
  • Huge Database: This app has a huge database of movies and TV shows available to watch or download.
  • No Advertisements: No irritating inbuilt advertisements or popovers. I know how much they irritate while watching a movie.
  • Light-weight: Since it streams the movie from a premium server. The app also supports Chromecast feature so you can enjoy the content on a bigger screen as well. Good for times when you want to binge-watch a movie series with your friends.

Newest Movies HD for Android Devices

Android, being the most popular OS platform for smartphone users, developers work hard in publishing apps and updates frequently on the Android app stores, such as Google Play Store, Amazon Underground, GetAPK Market, etc.

However, Newest Movies HD app is unavailable in the Play Store due to the violation of Google’s policies. Due to unavailability of Newest Movies HD on major app stores, it is hard to download the app on your Android phone.

But, I have found a solution that will not only let you install newest movies HD on your smartphone but also enable you to install apps from any other third-party app stores.

Howbeit, your phone does need to have some minimum requirements to install this app on your device.

Minimum Requirements for Installing Newest Movies HD

Before I talk about how to install it, or how to get started with this application, I should mention the requirements of this app.

The requirements are basic, and the app would be supported by almost all Android smartphones (as I said above).

For installing the app, you’ll need an Android smartphone with or above following specifications:

  • OS: Android KitKat (4.4+)
  • Ram: 512 MB
  • Free Space: 15MB

Note: This app supports both, rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

How to Install Newest Movies HD App on Android?

Step 1: Enable Smartphone’s “Unknown Sources” Settings

It is recommended that you enable “unknown sources” from settings.

Since it is an external application, Android, by default doesn’t allow such installations.

Thereby, if you haven’t enabled the option yet, head over to Settings > Security.

Step 2: Download Newest Movies HD APK File

Once you’ve enabled the “unknown sources” option from the phone settings, your device is ready to install third-party applications.

Now, download the APK file of Newest Movies HD app provided below.

Newest Movies HD .APK for Android

Step 3: Find Downloaded File on Your Smartphone & Install It

Open the downloaded file and hit install. It will take a while, although it is done fast as the app is lightweight and optimized for performance.

Step 4: Finish the Installation

Once installed, you’re done. You can open the application and enjoy watching your favorite content.

Voila! You’ve successfully installed the Newest Movies HD app on your Android device.

Download Newest Movies HD for PC

There is no official build of this app for windows. However, there is a way around if you want to do it.

What we do is, there are some emulator apps, that help you run Android apps on Windows PC. So, we’ll download one such app, and use it to install our favorite app on the computer.

Follow the steps I have shared below to install newest HD movies on PC.

Steps to Install Newest Movies HD APK on Windows PC

As I explained above, you’ll need an android emulator. There are a ton of android emulators, but I’ll recommend using Bluestacks.

Step 1: Download & Install Bluestacks on PC

Visit this link and bluestacks will start downloading on your laptop.

Once the download is complete, open file and follow the instructions on Bluestacks window to complete the installation.

NoteBluestacks isn’t very lightweight so it might take some time.

Step 2: Download Newest Movies HD APK file for PC

Now, you need to download the APK file for PC from the link below.

Newest Movies HD .APK for PC

Step 3: Installing APK File on Bluestacks App Player

Locate the .APK file of Newest Movies HD app on your computer. Right-click on file and choose to run it with bluestacks.

It will now be installed within bluestacks. You just have to wait as it installs.

Once the installation is done, you’ll be able to watch videos on your computer as well.

Newest Movies HD for iOS Download

Much like windows, the app isn’t available for iOS users either.

There are two workarounds though.

You can either download an emulator or checkout alternative apps for newest movies HD.

There are numerous Android emulators available for iOS to help you run APK files on your iPhone.

Follow the method I’ve shared below to install Newest Movies HD on iPhone.

Steps to Install Newest Movies HD iOS on iPhone

The developers have created a virtual machine which allows the users to install android apps on iPhone.

In the below steps, I’ve shared the exact procedure to download & install newest movies app on your iPhone.

Don’t worry! It’s easy to follow.

Step 1: Download & Install Android Emulator on iPhone

There are many emulators available for iPhone and other iOS devices, but here we’re going to use Dalvik Emulator.

Dalvik Emulator is a freeware iOS application that can be downloaded on iPad and iPhone.

Download Dalvik Android Emulator on your iOS device and install it as you install other applications.

Once installed, Run the Android emulator.

Step 2: Download Newest Movies HD APK File for iPhone

Usually, Dalvik Emulator will allow you to browse Android apps directly from the Google Play Store but, since the Newest Movies HD app is unavailable in the app store, we need to download it manually from a third-party source.

Click on the button below to download the APK file for iPhone.

Newest Movies HD File for iPhone

Step 3: Install APK File on Dalvik Emulator

Find the APK file from the download location & install it on Dalvik Emulator just like you install a regular Android app.

Follow all the on-screen instructions and the app will be installed on your iPhone within a few minutes.

Voila! You’ve successfully installed the Newest Movies HD App on iPhone.

Newest Movies HD: Common Errors and Solution

Even the most excellent apps and software have some drawbacks and limitations which causes an error in the long run.

Usually, developers fix these bugs in the app, but sometimes they also miss to update the app regularly.

For such cases, we’re sharing a few reported errors by the Newest Movies HD users along with their solutions.

Error #1

If you aren’t able to stream any movies, ensure that your network connection is working properly.

Do basic troubleshooting like:

  • Close the application, shut down wifi, and mobile data.
  • With the mobile connection shut down, search for your wifi again and ensure you are connected to it via smartphone.
  • Enable the wifi and open the app again.
  • If you use mobile data, ensure you are getting 3g/4g signals properly.
  • If you did basic troubleshooting, the app might start working.

Error #2

If the basic troubleshooting doesn’t work, the problem would be something else. You’d now have to figure out what issue you’d have to deal with.

  • Download MFT downloader apk file.
  • Copy the file on your smartphone if you have downloaded it on PC. If you have downloaded directly from the smartphone, then you can install it.
  • Now run the app and navigate to Movies/TV section of it.
  • You’ll find Newest Movies HD app. Click on Install; it will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone.
  • Simply open the app and start watching the movie.

Alternatives for Newest Movies HD

If you don’t want to use Newest Movie HD, it’s okay.

Maybe your device doesn’t support it, maybe you don’t like it, or maybe for some reasons best known to you.

In any case that you don’t like the app, here are some Newest Movies HD alternatives.

1. Megabox

A dedicated application that provides download and streaming for both, HD Movies and TV series free of cost.

The content can be navigated by genre, popularity, rating, release date, updates and much more.

You can also favorite videos to watch them later.

2. Cinema Box

It was known as PlayBox HD. The app allows Android users to watch unlimited movies and TV shows for free.

Considered one of the best streaming apps as it offers best streaming features for Android.

3. Showbox

Undoubtedly one of the best apps for streaming out there. The app needs no introduction when it comes to online streaming.

Showbox app has been around for quite a time and is unlikely to drop its popularity anytime soon.

Find many more apps on our website that might work as an alternative to Newest Movies HD.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about Newest Movies HD

Q1. Can I download Movies and save them on the device?

A. Yes, you can take movies offline in your smartphone to watch them later on. Downloading a movie is as easy as clicking on the download movie button.

Q2. Can I watch/stream videos via MX player or any other Android media player?

A. Yes. All you need to do is go to custom options and choose custom media player of your choice.

Q3. Can I watch videos in lower quality?

A. I understand you are on data budget issue. You can adjust the video quality as per your choice easily.

Q4. Is it possible to upload videos in Newest Movies HD app?

A. No.

Q5. Will this app be safe for my device?

A. Yes, the app is safe to use and doesn’t cause any harm to devices.

Final Words

Newest Movies HD is indeed the best free movie streaming app available on the market. This app gives a tough competition to other movie apps as it offers some unique features which no other app does.

If you’re a movie buff like me; this is the only app you need on your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Just install the app on your device and start watching movies right away.

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