Top 10 Free Music Apps for iPhone for Listening to Music

Best Free Music Apps for iPhoneMusic is a tonic to relax your body and mind. Your smartphone is an easy way to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days when you had to pay for purchasing single song or albums. Nowadays there are several apps that allow you to listen to online music of your choice in just a click. If you opt for official Apple music or Spotify, you can listen to unlimited music but you will have to pay monthly charges.

But why to pay even those charges, when there are numerous Free Music Apps For iPhone. You can listen to different songs of any category irrespective of its time of release or language. Everything is available online in the library of these amazing entertaining apps.

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Free Music Apps to Listen to Music Online

1. iHeartRadio

This app is just like a radio. It has access to over 100+ channels. You can select your choice of channels. The app is supported on almost all the devices. Along with iPhone and other iOS devices you can have it on blackberry, Android, kindle fire, nook, and Windows too.

Download iHeartRadio App

Features of iHeartRadio App

  • It allows you to search your choice and automatically generates a list for you.
  • You can even create the list of your favorite singer, or movie or album.
  • Along with listening to music, the app lets you see the lyrics also.
  • Not only for mobile devices, the app is available for Windows 8, Amazon Fire TV, Yahoo TV and much more.
  • Not only you can listen to a particular radio station, but if you like you can share it with others too.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is running successfully since five years. It has a huge collection of songs and gives an amazing experience to users. It comes with extraordinary features.

Download Google Play Music App

Features of Google Play Music

  • Google play music app allows making own music library.
  • It provides good sound quality and also allows to discover the audios with friends.
  • You can stream many of your favorite songs immediately.
  • It also allows watching the video of the songs.

3. Pandora App

Pandora is a free music app that works best on iOS devices. You just need to enter your favorite artist in the search box and you will get the list of the songs related to it. The app also suggests you with similar artist and type of songs.

Download Pandora Music App

Features of Pandora Music App

  • If you are connected to high-speed internet, it readily streams the songs without any sort of buffering.
  • The registration with Pandora App is absolutely free. Once you register yourself, you can rate the app and save your favorite stations. It can be an easy access to use it later.
  • You can also bookmark the songs in the list while listening.
  • It also facilitates you to create multiple playlists.

4. Shazam

Shazam is an extremely cool and interesting music app. It allows you to play your favorite music from its amazing music library. You just need to search any artist’s name or song name to play your choice of songs. It is a free music application. This music application is not only supportable with iPhone but you can also use Shazam music app freely on your Android, Windows phone, iPad touch and Windows 8 tablet as well.

Download Shazam Music App

Features of Shazam App

  • It allows you to add any of your favorite song in a playlist.
  • This music app also lets you watch the lyrics of the song.
  • You can also share your discovery with your friends.
  • If you want you can also manage and create the music library with your favorite song.
  • Shazam app also permits to watch the music video.

5. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is an amazing music app. It contains pre-arranged radio stations to stream songs very easily. Slacker radio app has a very simple user interface. You can operate this application easily. Install it in your iPhone device to enjoy an amazing variety of music anytime and anywhere. One can easily install this music app in iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Download Slacker Radio App

Features of Slacker Radio

  • You can create new plays it’s and new radio stations to keep your choice of music videos in it.
  • It allows you to search any of your favorite songs and listen or watch it instantly.
  • You can play your favorite music infinite times.
  • This music app facilitates user to stream and download infinite music videos at a time.

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud music app contains the interesting quality of audio content. It is a cost-free music streaming app. You can listen audio of your favorite music instantly. This music or radio app is extremely simple to access. You can listen to music anywhere by downloading this fantastic music app on your iPhone.

Download SoundCloud App

Features of SoundCloud iOS App

  • To listen to your favorite music, search an artist’s name and the name of music.
  • You can play your favorite song instantly.
  • It also provides facility to download numerous audios.
  • You can also build your own playlist and radio station to keep songs of your choice.

7. Musi

Musi is a very simple radio app. This music app provides facility to watch and listen to numerous songs. Musi app lets you listen to music everywhere once you have downloaded it on your iPhone. It can be easily downloaded to any iPhone or Android device as well.

Download Musi App

Features of Musi Music App

  • Musi radio app facilitates users to download infinite favorite songs.
  • It also lets you make a new playlist for keeping your favorite music or songs.
  • You can also share your favorite music with your friends and colleagues.

8. 8tracks

8tracks is another great free music application for iPhone which allows to stream unlimited audios or songs. If you love to listen to music just free up some space on your device to download this amazing music app.

Download 8tracks App

Features of 8tracks App

  • It allows users to make their own music library to keep audios according to their choice.
  • It provides good sound quality to listen to music.
  • 8tracks music app lets users listen to unlimited songs.

9. Spotify

Spotify is one of the Best Music App For iPhone users. If you listen to music very often and looking for a good music application then I would like to recommend you Spotify music app. This music app contains awesome music content. It is little similar to Pandora music app.

Download Spotify for iOS

Features of Spotify App

  • Spotify app allows updating music library according to your favorite songs.
  • It also allows following your favorite artists.
  • This music app provides facility to create your own radio station.
  • You can easily watch newly released songs.

10.TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio app is a very popular and an excellent music app. If you are a music lover you can download TuneIn radio on your iPhone to listen to soothing music. You just require entering the name of your favorite song or an artist’s name to find songs. This music app is very supportive and very simple to operate.

Download TuneIn Radio App

Features of TuneIn Radio

  • This music app allows listening favorite songs instantly.
  • You can watch and listen to your favorite music online and offline also by downloading it.
  • TuneIn radio app facilitates to make own music library with your favorite music.
  • This amazing and fabulous application also works for smart TVs also.
  • It can also let you to record the music which you are hearing.

Final Verdict,

These free music applications are extremely very amazing and entertaining providing free music for iPhone users. These apps provide numerous features to watch and listen to songs without any problem. If you are looking for a good music app, download anyone from all these free music apps mentioned above. You will surely love these radio apps after operating.

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