Best Apps for Free Movies on iPhone

Movie Apps for iPhoneMovie apps are undoubtedly the best source of entertainment. If you are willing to watch movies in HD print instantly, install movies application on your iPhone device. So that, Whenever boredom strikes you can download movies from movies apps and watch your favorite movies in your spare time. Enjoy the playlist and features of these astonishing free applications. Get your movie application ready and enjoy millions of entertainment movies freely.

If you’re an Android user, you can check out free movie apps for the android device.

Do you know how to download these movie applications? First, you need to download a new and fresh apk file from the official site of movie applications then install these apps from play store. If not available in the play store, install from their official sites. These amazing apps will provide you the facility to surf many videos and allow you to change the playlist or wish list according to your favorite movies and songs.

Here are some best entertaining free movies apps for iPhone device as follows:

Free iOS Apps to Watch HD Movies Online

  1. Movie Box

    Movie Box App for iPhone

    Movie Box is a very popular movie application amongst all. Movie box app is a kind of entertainment application. It is just a duplicate copy of Showbox movie app. Very large amount of people are familiar with this free movie application. This movie app is a really astonishing app which has a variety of contents. This application will surely allow you to search any movie trailer, recent movies, and any TV serial as well. If you find difficulty in searching your favorite content. Just try it on Movie Box (iOS) and you can find anything very easily.

  2. Flipps HD – Movies, Music & News

    Flipps HD App for iPhone

    Are you looking for an app which can perform multiple tasks? Flipps HD app is the one which contains appropriate features with the amazing list of movies, videos and TV shows. One can say it an entire and complete package of videos. Watch your favorite episodes, music, and movies to entertain yourself in free time. Flipps HD has been downloaded by millions of people. It is a better and best application for android phone, iOS, iPhone, iPad, and tablets. You can sort the wish list according to the alphabets and numbers as well. You can access hundreds of channels for great entertainment. Choose the best superhit or blockbuster movies, videos, music videos, comedy shows and other tv episodes and watch it in an HD quality for more enjoyment. Flipps HD also provides you the facility of controlling volume and you can forward or rewind movie or video as well.

  3. Playbox HD

    Playbox HD for iPhone

    Playbox HD is most common and an amazing free movie app. This app works for free. You can watch anything by downloading from this app for no cost and it promotes safe and effective downloading as well. In this app, videos and movies are updated daily to satisfy the wants and needs of the users. You can also download rhymes and poems to entertain your kids. Playbox HD app is supportive in Android devices, iPhone device, iPad device, tablets, and computers. This app contains many wonderful attributes like one can change movie according to their language. Enjoy using this Playbox HD which will provide you unlimited fun and entertainment. This app actually allows to surf any kind of videos. Playbox app is not available in google play store but you can load this app from other official sites.

  4. Showbox

    Showbox for iPhone

    Showbox is the best time-killing app that helps you to watch movies for free in your free time. This application has so much to offer, one can easily watch or stream any type of movie or television series. You may not be able to download Showbox movie app from google but it can easily be installed from official sites. The streaming quality of box tv is really impressive and amazing. You do not face any lag while watching a movie or any other content. This is a free talked movie app. Showbox app is mainly searched and operated by a lot of people in the world. To use Showbox movie application, you just need to download the apk (android package kit) file of this application from its official website and simply install Showbox app on your smartphone or an android device.

    The most suitable and advantageous part of this movie app is you can simply install or download your desired and favorite content. It is very cool to download any movie and watch it offline. Showbox app is also available for computers or laptops. If you want to watch movies on the big screen you can also download this finest application on your PC. Keep watching your favorite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere easily.

  5. Viewster – Watch Original Free Movies and TV Shows

    Viewster App for iPhone

    If you are searching for the free and best digital entertainment video or movie app then, go for Viewster. Viewster has a very astonishing and captivating playlist or watchlist. It takes a less time to download the viewster app. Viewster movie app will offer you millions of anime shows, movies, classic videos and much more. Yes! This application is not only for watching movies, you can also watch animes and other favorite and not erecting videos. This app contains all the streaming attributes. You only need to have a proper Internet connection to download your favorite videos or anime series from this fun app. After complete downloading, you can watch videos or movies offline on your iPhone device. It is the most amazing app for watching movies from other free movie apps. It contains best HD quality videos to entertain people.

  6. Bobby Movie Box

    Bobby Movie Box for iPhone

    You can greatly entertain yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and children with this app. This app is extremely very best for watching new and old movies. Apart from movies, you can also watch any other kind of videos, tv shows, animes and more. This movie app is completely different from other free movie apps. This application supports multiple languages such as Hindi, English,  German, French, Marathi, Telugu, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish and much more. It also helps in streaming HD movies easily and supports chrome cast also.  It contains a huge variety of videos with so many attributes. You can surf even millions of videos and movies. Bobby movie box app also brings some other links for watching entertainment channels online. Bobby movie box app gets updated very frequently and most importantly you can watch videos or your favorite movies for unlimited times. Watch your favorite content offline after downloading.

  7. Cinema Box

    Cinema Box for iPhone

    Cinema box app is a favorable and beneficial movie app. Download it on your Android phone. Remember that first download the new apk file from its website and then install cinema box in your iPhone device for smooth running. It is the best entertainment app which supports in your android device, tablets and PC’s as well. Normally it’s impressive catalog and features attract a lot of people in the world. You can watch any HD movie and TV show for free of cost. You can browse many other videos apart from movies. Cinema box app can allow you to download and stream your favorite content. It also supports chromecast as you can also play HD video in big screen also. You will enjoy more watching videos on a big screen. This app is generally created by those developers who created Playbox HD app. Use cinema box and get amazing HD quality videos to watch and to entertain yourself in free time.

  8. Yidio – Discover Where to Watch Full Movies Online

    Yidio App for iPhone

    Download Yidio app in your iPhone device to easily watch a variety of videos. Yidio app has a captivating content which gives latest and new entertainment videos and movies. You can access thousands of videos through Yidio free movie app. It costs nothing to watch anything. It has an extremely amazing playlist with features you can play any movie and videos such as Bollywood, African, south movies, Hollywood and much more. Yidio app has simple features or attributes one can operate or use it very easily. HD quality of Yidio app is more qualitative than other movie or video applications. It also gives notifications of recent movies and videos also. You do not require to be at a proper or perfect place to download or watch movies or videos all you need to have a good internet connection for downloading movies. Watch videos comfortably in your spare time through Yidio free movie application.

  9. Popcornflix – Great Movies Free

    Popcornflix for iOS devices

    A best and free application for iPhone device- “Popcornflix”. Freely download apk file for this application and immediately install it from google play store. It is a premium app to watch millions of videos free of cost. You can use this movie application in your android phone as well as iPhone device. Watch free size and high length videos in HD print. Moreover, you can also watch family dramas, kids dramas, cartoons, wrestling episodes and many other entertainment videos as well. You can stream more than 800 videos instantly without any cost. This free movie application does not limit for films to be viewed on a day to day basis. Popcornflix app regularly adds new films and video for users satisfaction and entertainment. Enjoy movies and other dramas by downloading the best popcornflix application.

  10. BigStar Movies

    BigStar Movies App for iOS

    BigStar movies application provides the best quality of videos and a lot of movies in HD quality also. This application offers many old films also in good quality. You can entertain your parents with old movies. It can be the best free app for your iPhone device. As this app is supportable on every android device also. BigStar movies is generally a top rated application. It provides many features along with the different varieties of videos and films. You will be able to watch more than 55000 movies. BigStar movies app offer various types of movies such as project based movies, romantic movies, documentary movies, comedy films, horror films and many other entertainment films. Immediately download big star movies app to get a variety of films.

  11. BoxTV – Free Full Movies Online

    BoxTV for iPhone

    BoxTV is an all time favorite movie app. You will get the amazing content in box tv application. Whenever you get free time from your busy and hectic schedule download interesting shows or movies and watch on your smartphone. The boxTV application will provide you a perfect catalog which contains funny, horror, classic and any other type of interesting and entertainment TV shows. This app is downloadable to any smartphone, android phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, and laptop. Install boxTV from playstore or from any other official website and spend your spare time by watching movies and TV shows.

  12. Tubi TV – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

    Tubi TV for iOS

    Tubi TV app is one of the finest movie apps. There are so many people who want to watch movies and other television series for the lowest price and for free. Tubi TV is a new and latest movie app in the list of free movie apps. It generally seems to be an interesting movie app. In actual fact, the services of Tubi TV app supports extensive and crucial platforms. They also have a very powerful free movie website.

    The users or enjoyers can watch any kind of movie and television series for no cost. They have built really captivating categories for users. As the dramas like kung-fu and Korean dramas are very hard to find on other applications. But this free app provides you the huge content. You can freely search your favorite drama on Tubi TV app and watch immediately by downloading it.

  13. Popcorn Time – Watch Movies and TV Shows

    popcorn time for iphone

    Popcorn time is one of the fastest-growing entertainment networks which usually offers qualitative movies, television series, and any other videos. This application is for iPhone users as well as for Android devices also. iPhone device or iPad users can watch any interesting episode by downloading this best movie application. Popcorn time application will provide you trending movies and TV series for entertainment. It would not carry a lot of time to install popcorn time app on your iPhone device. It does not require any jailbreak. In Android device, popcorn time take some time to get downloaded. You can also install or download this finest movie application on your PC and laptop also. It mainly contains popular movies, tv shows, and anime. Popcorn time also has some other features regarding changing settings, you can set up your watch list according to your interest or favorites significantly. One can download the same video or movie on their smartphone for multiple time.

  14. SnagFilms

    Snagfilms movie app for ios

    Here is the another most popular and an interesting movie application. It has over 50000 interesting movies in the catalog with several amazing TV series also. Snagfilms typically carry Spanish, Hollywood, Bollywood and African movies. It contains all types of movies from horror to comedy, Korean, romantic, classic, Chinese and much more. This amazing movie app has a really amazing catalog which can fulfill the desires and expectations of so many people. Always prefer snagfilms movie app for watching free movies in your free time.

    This application will surely entertain you at a very high level. You will never get bored of this movie app. You can find this application on playstore download it and use it on your iPhone.

  15. Crackle – Watch Movies Online

    Crackle App for iOS

    A free movie application “Crackle” has now created a buzz in the market. It is an excellent movie app which offers us a lot of content to watch on our iPhone easily. You can stream online films or movies simply by operating this amazing crackle app. Watch any of your favorite genre like horror, action, crime, sci- fi anywhere and anytime for free. It has many other amazing features also. One can watch movies and TV series in HD quality. This application is optimized for any android phone, tablets and for iPhone also. You can freely update and manage your watch list according to your favorite genres. Freely watch thousands of free length movies, tv series, and other videos as well. Immediately download this free movie application to enjoy watching favorite movies in free time.


These movie applications are really amazing and entertaining. One can utilize their spare time by watching movies and videos downloading through movie apps. These movie apps have generally created a buzz in the market. Nowadays almost all of us use this kind of apps to watch many different videos, animes and favorite movies also. You can download all these apps from official websites as well as from google play store also. Though some websites charge fees for downloading the particular app and some allow us to download movie apps for no cost.

If you like watching Tamil movies, I’ve also shared a list of sites to download Tamil movies.

But these are extremely useful and free movies apps for iPhone. It provides very simple attributes to access these applications in iPhone. Enjoy using these fantastic applications that provide unlimited access.

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