How to Be Focused At Work

Productivity is not an accident, but always the result of striving for perfection, smart planning, and purposeful efforts.

Our success depends rather not on the advanced skills of time management, but on the ability to concentrate. Yes, it is not easy, this is discipline, but the result is worth of learning how to focus your attention only on useful and necessary things.

In order not to scatter your attention and use the capacity of your brain with the maximum efficiency, you need first to gain knowledge about the mechanism of its work.

Our brain is built in such a way that it can not work parallel, that is why a lot of different thoughts that are wandering in our head are the main problem in the case when you can not concentrate. Because of these distracting thoughts, it is so difficult to start a business.

How to be focused at workIn this article, we will talk about how to learn to be focused on tasks and manage to do more in a short period of time.

Don’t Allow Anybody to Distract You

When you start working ask your colleagues or relatives not to distract you, explain that you will get free in some period of time, for example, in an hour and you will be able to discuss a situation later, but now you are busy.

Switch off the phone, don’t check the mail, avoid chatter, don’t wander on the Internet, and don’t distract yourself. In general, try to be engaged in nothing, except your project in order to achieve maximum efficiency and don’t stop until it starts to decrease.

When you feel that you are already tired and the productivity falls, it is time to switch — to answer the passed calls, to check the mail, to speak to colleagues, to make necessary calls and to begin a new circle.

Use Timers and Planners

Be sure that you will continue working and not being distracted by the reminder let you know that it’s time to make a break. You can have an alarm clock, but it is more convenient to use special productivity timers like Be focused, for example.

Work according to the timer strengthens self-discipline. The time of high productivity for each task, repeated from day to day, remains almost unchanged.

If you do the same thing every day, the time of maximum efficiency will be approximately the same and you can already know after what time you’ll get tired. Fix this time on the timer, it will be very convenient.

First Work, Then Entertainment

Do not start your work day with viewing news in social networks, useless communication, etc. It’s like to eat a sweet, after which the main dish will not seem so attractive and will not want it anymore.

When you sit down at your desk, work until you get tired, and then you can have a rest by changing the activity, communicating with colleagues, watching the interesting news, etc. But remember that first thing first, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate. 

Remove Unnecessary Sounds and Objects

It happens that the workplace is in a public place and you can not do anything about it. Then move your focus, think about how to turn round your desk so that you have a stationary object in front of you.

For example, if there is a hive in front of your workplace, turn round the table and make sure that there are as few moving objects in your visibility zone as possible. Just like moving objects, unexpected and unpleasant sounds distract us greatly. Sounds as well as moving objects are a bright indicator of possible danger.

Therefore, whether we like it or not, the sounds will distract us and prevent us from concentrating. If you work in a team you can wear earplugs or headphones (even without music).

Another way to remove unnecessary sounds is to listen to your music on headphones, but it does not excite you too much or slow you down excessively.

Don’t Eat Sweets

Confectionery: rolls, pastries, cookies, sugar, candies are called fast carbohydrates because are quickly split in a stomach, unlike complex carbohydrates such as porridges.

Confectionery is similar to the paper which quickly burns on a fire and gives a lot of heat, and porridges are similar to a log which burns slowly and gives heat for long.

From confectionery appears fatigue and lack of energy. Because of fatigue, our tone is falling down and the desire to do something as well, that is why it becomes much more difficult to focus on necessary tasks.

But if you eat healthy food, such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, then the abovedescribed energy exchange will not happen because the food will not immediately turn into energy.

There will be no unnecessary loss of energy, you will have more strength. And if you have more strength, then it will be easier to concentrate.

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