Best Apps to Quit Smoking

best apps to quit smokingAre you also one of those cigarette addicts and desperately want to give up smoking? Smoking leads to the diseases which harm nearly every organ of the body. Now, today our team have found the best smoke quitting apps which motivates you to kick out smoking habits from your life.

According to a report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 16 million Americans are living with the disease caused by smoking. Cigarette contains nicotine, which is highly addictive and increases the risk of heart diseases, lungs cancer as well as other types of cancer.

Quitting Smoking can be very challenging but it is not impossible to withdraw the smoking habits. When you start quitting smoking the person becomes anxious, may feel irritated and sometimes lack of mental stability. Now, the smartphone plays a vital role in our life and apps for quitting smoking are plentiful these days.

Today we have reviewed some of the best smoke quitting application which is definitely going to help you to quit smoking. Lot of you may like all the application to be useful. So, you just have to download them and start to rehabilitate your smoking habits. So, without wasting any further time let’s quickly get started.

Calm helps to quit smoking

1. Calm

Calm is a quit smoking app with all the necessary tools which helps you to relax, live peacefully, sleep better, and learn to meditate. In short Calm app aims to help you be calmer if everything goes well, and makes you happier.

Download Calm for Android Download Calm for iPhone

The basic feature of the app allows you to set up various relaxing background videos, each with its own corresponding sounds. By default, you will get relaxing backgrounds scenes of rain on trees, a deserted beach, a tranquil lake in the mountains. All you have to do is put up your headphones, close your eyes, and keep your mind calm down.

The Calm app also helps you to learn how to do meditation to keep your mind stable, increase willpower and sleep better. The learning programs consist of various 10 minutes of sessions which will help you with what you should do. It’s basically the complete course of quitting smoke and live life happily and more confidentially.

The Calm app is truly beneficial for your health. It lets you learn meditation, finding new ways to reduce stress, and helps you improve concentration ability of your mind.

QuitNow app to avoid smoking

2. Quit Now

As the name itself say it all. Any time is a great time to think about your health and cut connections with Tobacco. Even though it’s not at all easy as it sounds. Although if you’re desperate to give it a try, then you should know that modern technology will surely help you out to fight against smoking addiction.

Download QuitNow for Android Download QuitNow for iPhone

Quit Now is absolutely free to use which helps you to keep the track of your habits as a smoker. You can view statistics, updated in the real-time concerning your progress of quitting smoke. The app itself shows you how much time you’ve gone without smoking and how many cigarettes you have not smoked from the last couple of days. The Quit Now app even shows you how much money you’ve saved by not smoking Tobacco – three good reasons to fight the urge day after day.

This wonderful tool also carries out the list of achievements that you can unlock as you go more and more days without smoking. Once you start avoiding smoking you will reach new goals and finally, you ‘ll reach to the “Expert Level.”  

Now, once you have created an account with Quit Now app on iCloud you can access the account from any device without re-entering your information. Thus, you can keep track of your progress no matter where you are.

Quit smoking with SmokeFree app

3. SmokeFree

Smoke Free help you keep track of how much money you have saved, how many cigarettes you have avoided as well as from how long you have been smoke-free. As you experience desires, you can record them and get tips on how to avoid smoking Tobacco. The use of Smoke Free tool is to work out on your desires of smoking and help you to completely avoid them.  

Download SmokeFree for Android Download SmokeFree for iPhone

The progress board of Smoke Free app shows you your health is improving day by day offering insights on blood pressure, oxygen, carbon monoxide levels of your body. It also shows you the changes that may be occurring in breathing, circulation as well as lung cancer risk.

Bandages are gained with the time and you are smoke-free increases quickly and effortlessly. Even you can see how much money you have saved in total, and thus you can reward yourself a treat with your accumulated savings.

Each day you will get a new stop smoking task, a type of mission which helps you on road to cut relationships with Tobacco. The Smoke Free app claims that people who commit to complete missions are more likely to cease smoking altogether.

4. Quit Smoking Slowly

Quit Smoking Slowly is the next quit smoking app. However, the name itself suggests, that this app is designed to help you quit smoking gradually with minimum efforts. The Quit Smoking Slowly is ideal for those who think that the “cold turkey” approach will not work.

Download Quit Smoking Slowly for Android

The best part of the app is that it helps you to slowly degrade your tobacco intake and thus lets your body adjust to the reduced nicotine level.

After completing the setup questions, you will see a habitual smoking reduction plan which shows you a graph of your planned tobacco intake with an average time intervals between cigarettes. The app also confers you the amount of money you have spent over a span of time, from a week up to 5 years.

The Quit Smoking Slowly app also alternates between bright green and red to indicate when you’re allowed and not allowed to smoke. The time interval gets longer every day until you reach your target and becomes smoke-free. The app could help those who feel that they could benefit from the managed approach to quit smoking.

quitters circle app

5. Quitter’s Circle

The Quitter’s Circle is the combined effort of the American Lung Association and Pfizer which helps smokers to navigate their journey to ditch smoking successfully. Now, the app allows you to create the personalized Quit Plan by setting goals for when and how you aim to stop smoking.

Download Quitter’s Circle for Android Download Quitter’s Circle for iPhone

The Quitter Circle will track your milestones and throughout the quitting process, such as forming the Quit team of supporting friends and family and start a Quit Fund that can help to pay for the healthcare provider visits and treatments.

Quitter’s Circle propels you with Quit Cards, emoticons, as well as stickers and the milestones are celebrated along the way, such as when you reach 1 month of being smoke-free. The app also lets your friends and family send motivational messages and view your latest achievements in the real-time.

6. Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten

Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten is the next app which helps you quit smoking. Kirsten is an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist and helped many Hollywood actor like Ewan McGregor to stop smoking. Max Kirsten has more than 15 years of experience in smoking cessation. With the help of advanced hypnosis app including megastar singer Adele as Kirsten help thousands of people who successfully ditched smoking.

Download Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten for iPhone

Kirsten unique “60-second Carvings Buster” technique helps your smoking desires dissolve. In addition, the app also advises you to prevent the unusual weight gain associated with smoking. The dashboard of the app gives you details the number of smoke-free days, cigarettes you have not smoked, and the total money you have saved. You will get an up-to-date smoking news, 40 fact cards, and smoking galleries too with the help of Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten.

Quit tracker app

7. Quit Tracker

Quit Tracker helps you to quit smoking by offering you your health-based statistics which shows the benefits of quitting smoking and maintain the healthy body. The Quit Tracker specifically support your decision of quitting smoke by presenting you Virtual rewards as the time passes, such as movie tickets or anything which you can buy with the money you saved by quitting smoking.

Download Quit Tracker for Android

The application setup is quick and easy and you will have questions to complete. You will get a positive experience and the app motivates you to quit smoking. Quit Tracker app has different tabs and each tab has the different positive aspect which appreciates your decision of quitting smoke, including the money you saved, life regained, and health benefits. It also includes the simple card matching game which helps you distract whenever you feel cravings return.

The Quit Tracker app has a premium version which helps you to skip and turn off the Ads. You can add a home screen widget, and the app also increases the virtual rewards you can achieve. Quit Tracker app could be useful for an ex-smoker who would like to see some positive results and facts to keep away from restart smoking.

8. Quit It Lite

Quit It Lite is designed to support and encourage smokers as well as ex-smokers to stay away from tobacco intakes. The user-friendly interface of the application is quite straightforward and it helps you to give up your smoking habits. It displays your metrics of cigarettes not smoked and how much dollars you saved.

Download Quit It Lite for iPhone

Quit It Lite app shows you the benefits of quitting smoke along with the percentage bar which shows your improvements in real-time and when will you going to achieve it. As an example, you can keep an eye on progress bars which signals your blood pressure, pulse rate, as well as carbon monoxide and oxygen levels, will return to normal, and until the time you risk of heart attack will decrease and your lung function will increase.

You can set your goals as an inspiration to keep doing the good work. Having a cup of cappuccino to a movie or the musical ticket, the Quit It Lite app hold until you have achieved your rewards. We personally used the application and set our goals to check whether the app works well or not. We are happy to say that the application works very well and will definitely help you quit smoking.

kwit app to quit smoking

9. Kwit

Kwit app helps smokers to quit smoking by telling them tips to avoid cravings and reach the highest achievement. Basically, it is based on gaming and incorporates game thinking, game mechanics as well as game design. Gamification encourages smokers to keep away from smoking and change their behaviors towards smoking habits. You will get about 84 new achievements which you can unlock to see the benefits of stop smoking.

Download Kwit for Android Download Kwit for iPhone

As the time flew you make progress to become the “Ultimate Kwitter,” and finally reach higher levels as well as rankings. Kwit App carries out with neat and clean user-friendly interface design and comes out with useful statistics, such as how much time passed since you have quit smoking, how much money saved and the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked.

Shake your smartphone and you will get 200 motivational cards which will keep you motivated and on track. Kwit logs cigarette displays you that you have successfully managed to resist cravings for the smoke. Yet, in true game style, if you hit zero willpower than you have to start all over again. You can share your progress of quitting smoke on social media. It’s one of the most popular smoke quitting application which helps you to avoid tobacco intake.

Final Thoughts

So far we’ve discussed some of the most popular as well as best smoke quitting apps for Android available in the market. All the application which we have featured in our list are being personally tested and then recommended.

Now, all you have to do is just download the application and start rehabilitation yourself with the help of these apps. Now, if you know any other best smoke quitting apps which you might think that it should be in our list, then do mention them in the comment section.

Now, what are you waiting for just download any of the smoke quitting apps which meets your demand and can help you out to quit smoking without wasting any money? For any questions or queries comment below we will be happy to assist you.

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