Best PubG Streamers in the World

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PubG is at an all-time high with a user base of over 50 Million active users and even managed to break the Dota 2’s record on steam by reaching over 3M concurrent users in early 2018.

After becoming one of the fastest selling games out there and adding thousands of professional gamers in the PubG community, it is now taking YouTube by storm.

Today, we have brought you the top 10 PubG streamers in the world. From the Shroud to Dr DisRespect, we’ve tried our best to cover the most loved and watched Playerunknown’s Battleground’s streamers on Youtube, Twitch or Steam.

So, if you’re also a PubG fan just like me, put your headphones on and keep reading. You may know some of the streamers already, but if you haven’t been much active on Twitch or Youtube Gaming community lately, you might find something interesting.

Top 10 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Streamers

1. Grimmmz

Mr. GrimmmzIf you haven’t heard of Grimmmz before then, you’re probably not involved much with the PUBG community. Grimmmz is an excellent streamer to watch and has the high intensity as well as high kill games. Grimmmz mainly plays solo games, and all of them are incredibly entertaining.

He is an absolute beast and has one of the best shooting skills. He is a type of guy who can clean up five people while picking up the crate drops. Its often look like that he is using an aimbot, but no, he is just that brilliant shooters out there. Grimmmz is among one of those few players that actively play the game rather than hiding out for the most of the game.

Now, what makes Grimmmz worth watching is the fact that whenever he played the game, he uses his skills to get the fastest kills and ends up the round with an average kill of 15-20 kills. Overall Grimmmz is an extraordinary player to watch and an excellent source for beginners who want to set up their game.

Watch Grimmmz on Twitch Watch Grimmmz on YouTube

2. C9 Shroud

Shroud (Michael Grzesiek) pubg streamerC9 Shroud is widely famous for having one of the sharpest aims in PUBG game. He is known as the God of PUBG and stands out from the crowd based on his skillset. He is regarded as one of the best Solo Players of PUBG and has the best track record when we talk about team play.

C9 Shroud takes an aggressive stance when playing PUBG and actively takes part in the match rather than camping and stand-alone till last. In every game, Shroud manages to get an average of 20 kills and sometimes even 30 kills standing alone on an island.

He is fun watching and has the best shooting skills which make him God of PUBG game. He is referred by many of his fans as shooting aimbot and gained immense popularity as one of the most skilled and favorite PUBG streamers since he started broadcasting on Twitch.

Watch Shroud on Twitch Watch Shroud on YouTube

3. Ninja

Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) Pubg StreamerTyler Blevins commonly known as Ninja is the former professional Halo player, making a massive splash in PUBG game. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch who plays PUBG, CS:GO as well as Fortnite. I mean we all heard about his streaming record with the rapper Drake.

Besides being incredibly talented and having mad game skills, Ninja is the pleasure to watch, and funniest streamers on Twitch and adds his touch of ridiculousness to even squad games. Although Ninja doesn’t play PUBG much as the rest, still when it comes to skillset and performance, he’s one of the best PUBG Players of all time.

Now, most of you were stating that he is one of the best players of Fortnite, but after watching Ninja’s game style and skills, you’ll be gone mad. Here is the video to watch Ninja playing PUBG.

4. Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disprespect (Herschel Beahm IV) Pubg StreamerTalking about the best PUBG Players and streamers for 2018 then Dr. Disrespect is undoubtedly the most popular streamers on Twitch. He has a massive following with the most fantastic character and skills in PUBG. The ridiculous wig, as well as moustache, might make him seem like someone trying to get a few laughs.

Dr. DisRespect is one of the few professional PUBG players which you should check out in 2018 if you’re a big fan of PUBG game. With his immense skill set, he became the “Streamer of the Year 2017” Esport award. He is one of the most colourful characters in the PUBG streamers community.

Here is the video which shows you the mind-blowing skill set of goofy-looking Dr DisRespect and what he is capable of.

5. Summit 1G

Summit1G (Jaryd Lazar) Pubg StreamerIf you’re looking for a PUBG player who plays on a professional level and then Summit 1G is worth watching. He is just behind to C9 Shroud in the follower’s list on Twitch and one of the most popular PUBG streamers in the world. Summit 1G dominates the leaderboards and has a massive following in the gaming world.

Now, when we talk about the individual rankings and know how to entertain while streaming Summit 1G is someone you would like to keep your eyes on. The team or squad performance of Summit 1G is exceptionally well and manages to hold himself in the extreme situations.

Summit 1G streams on a daily basis and manages to win most of the rounds while entertaining viewers. He is one of the best PUBG Players of 2018!

6. TSM_Viss

TSM_Viss (Colton Visser) Pubg StreamerViss was one of the first players to be picked up by a professional organisation for PUBG, landing with Team SoloMid. If you are looking for excellent tactic gameplay with many wins, then Viss is your guy. Viss has a presence in the battle royale for a while, so he knows that what he is doing.

TSM_Viss uses the Logitech G633 which is a beast of the gaming headset. He shows his viewers how to perform well at PUBG in extreme situations and hold until you left alone on the island. He has an average of 15 to 25 kills in a game which is pretty higher than other favorite PUBG streamers.

TSM_Viss is a guy for those who are looking for a lot of wins, excellent skill set and on the top of that, he is currently streaming PUBG game 365 days. Here is the video which shows you that he has an excellent hold on the game even in the worst situations.

7. Lirik

Lirik (Saqib Zahid) pubg streamerThe next most popular PUBG game streamer featured on our list is Lirik. He has one of the massive followers on Twitch and plays the variety of different games as well. Lirik has stuck with the PUBG game from the last couple of months. With an average of 15 kills in a match, he is exceptionally well in almost every aspect.

Typically he is playing PUBG with friends that make funny commentary for his viewers, but no doubt he is highly skilled. Lirik is a guy who loves to hold the squad together or the guy who snipes you from the hill. He has sharp shooting skills with the temperament of carrying his team in the extreme situations.

Here is the video which reveals about Lirik that what he is capable of and shows you that how well you can snip someone in the game. Currently, he has the third place of holding followers on Twitch behind Summit1G.

8. BreaK

Break (Gary Marshall) Pubg StreamerThe BreaK is another member of Team SoloMid; he is a top-tier streamer who is familiar with this battle royale game. He is exceptionally well with almost every gun out there. His game style and skill set is excellent and thus manages to stand even in the extreme situations and gets an average of 15 kills in a game.

Teaming up with TSM_Viss, SmaK, and aimPR this is a world most dangerous squad in PUBG game and is highly competitive. Now, those who want to see how to kill with stealth, tactics, as well as luck, then you must watch Solomid matches. Moreover, they hold the record for most kills around 39 in a game.

You can watch out his streamed PUBG videos which show his immense skill set and sharp shooting.

9. Giantwaffle

GiantWaffle (Andrew Bodine) Pubg StreamerGiantwaffle was one of the streamers I stumbled across on a random night, and he is absolutely the great one. However, Giantwaffle is not the best player of PUBG, but he teams up with some of the most popular PUBG streamers like Lirik, Shorty and many more.

The game tactics, as well as the game style of Giantwaffle, holds the team together in the extreme conditions. Not only they play the PUBG game, but they also entertain their viewers by flying motorcycles or Waffle landing on the unrendered roof. Thus, you will have a great time while watching Giantwaffle.

10. Anthony_Kongphan

Anthony_Kongphan Pubg StreamerAnthony_Kongphan plays all the different modes with his friends; sometimes he often plays with Grimmmz. Kongphan uses the Sennheiser PC 363D, which helps him to hear every gunshot fired at him and he can also hear the enemy footstep coming his way.

Anthony_Kongphan PUBG streaming lasts up to 12 hours, and each minute is full of entertainment, fast-paced play. The velour earpads give him extraordinary listening quality and allow him to wear it for hours. He is an excellent shooter who can snip you all day long, and manages to hold his team in the worst situations.

He is a wizard of Emmerdale with the Kar98. Here is the video of Anthony-Kongphan game style, his skillset and extraordinary talent with Kar98. This guy is an absolute beast and one of the most popular PUBG streamers on our list.

Final Words

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as PUBG is one of the most viewed games on Twitch in the recent time. Currently, more than 5 million copies have sold, and the game isn’t fully released, so it’s only going to get bigger in future.

Today, we’ve featured some of the best PUBG Streamers around the world. If you think that we have forgotten to add any of your favorite PUBG streamers than do comment their name.

If you have any queries or question then do comment, we will be happy to assist you.

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