Best Free Password Manager Apps for Android

Best Password Manager Android Apps 2017We come across different apps every day which we install on our Android smartphones. Some of these apps allow us to share our personal data like photos, passwords, data files etc. with others.

Now it’s really important to keep all these data private and safe from intruders. Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, messenger contains so much private information about our lives, that it is highly required to keep it protected.

Sometimes we forget to take our mobile phone and if that phone is not protected, then any other person can access it and manipulate it or can copy this data from your phone.

So, It’s very important to keep all these apps secure by using some password. But, you can’t keep the same password for all the apps and websites as it will compromise the security. On the other hand, remembering so many different passwords is not an easy task.

So, what to do? To tackle this problem, many developers have launched a solution for you in the form of password manager apps. In this article, I’ve combined a list of best password manager apps for Android devices.

These apps offer different password options according to users compatibility like the pattern lock, fingerprint, numeric password, character recognition etc. The user can choose any option for security of different apps. Password manager apps are easy to use and most of them are freely available on android play store, user can download it and use it. User simply needs to select the app which he/she wants to protect and appropriate password recognition will set to that app and next time whenever he/she wants to open that app, it would require a password recognition key to unlock the app.

Free Password Manager Apps for Android

Keeper Password Manager App for Android

1. Keeper

It is the best password manager for android that helps to maintain its integrity. Keeper password manager app contains very attractive graphics. This application is actually very easy and simple to operate. One can keep limitless passwords for different websites. Normally, over 50 million people are using this amazing application. You can easily install this password manager application in your android device or any other android phone to secure data.

Features of keeper password manager

  • You can keep fingerprint password to highly secure your data.
  • This app also help users to secure important files and many other kind of data as well.
  • It also enables users to protect or safeguard their vault with self-destruct.

1Password Free Password Manager App

2. 1Password

This is a high rated android password application in the list of password applications. 1password password manager application is highly obtainable on Google play store. Users can freely manage numerous passwords by using this wonderful password application. This is a lightweight application which can support any android device. You can easily install this password app from google play store.

Features of 1password password manager app:

  • One can use this application by simply following some instructions.
  • Its user interface is extremely very easy, you can simply use this application.
  • It also provides wonderful and attractive graphical features to make passwords.

Keepass2Android Password Manager app

3. Keepass2Android

Here is one more amazing password manager application that assist users to create strong passwords for their important data. It provides easy user interface and attractive graphics or features as well. The features of this app is literally very amazing and awesome that enables users to safeguard their necessary things such as accounts, websites and bank credentials. If you want to download this app in your android device or android phone. Go to the Google play store and install it immediately.

Features of Keepass2android password app:

  • It helps to secure lots of accounts with passwords.
  • Users can operate this android application very easily.
  • It enables user to maintain security with strong passwords.
  • One can login their websites and accounts in few minutes.

Sticky Password Free Password Manager for Android

4. Sticky Password

Sticky password application is usually very amazing android app that helps to keep password for many accounts and bank credentials as well. One can download this app to manage accounts with strong security. Sticky password manager app is non chargeable app, users can access this app immediately after complete installation. It helps users to easily access this amazing application. This application supports all the android device such as Samsung,  Motorola, Lenovo, vivo, Panasonic and many other android phones.

Features of sticky password manager application:

  • Users can access this sticky password app very simply and easily.
  • It consist of very attractive and wonderful graphics, one can simply use it.
  • This application is usually helpful in managing lot many accounts and websites.

true key free password manager

5. True Key

True key password manager is one of the most wonderful and favourable app for users. If you are thinking to install any password manager application, i would like to suggest true key password manager app which helps to generate different types of passwords for accounts, websites and bank credentials.

Features of true key password manager app:

  • It’s simple user interface allows users to make or create strong passwords.
  • Users can make strong security for their bank accounts also.
  • You can generate passwords such as hidden locks, pattern locks, number locks, alphabet locks and many other.

lastpass free password manager app for android

6. LastPass

Lastpass password manager app is a very wonderful android application. It helps to manage unlimited passwords. If you are looking for password manager application which can highly safeguard your data or other accounts as well. Then i must suggest or recommend you to install this best password manager application because it has many amazing and wonderful features. Its user interface is very much familiar, one can use it very easily.

Features of Lastpass password manager app:

  • This app assist users to create very strong password for websites and accounts so that nobody can even guess your password.
  • You can make passwords for different aspects such as credits cards, debit cards and other numerous account.
  • Users can sign in their accounts within minutes.

Roboform password manager for android

7. RoboForm

Roboform android password manager app which keeps our accounts and other data safe. This password manager app do not charge any cost for installation. It is a most popular and very familiar application that provides fantastic features. You can use this application without internet after downloading. Roboform password app is extremely very simple and easy to access.

Features of roboform password manager app:

  • This android app makes people easy to generate any kind of passwords.
  • One can very easily access the features of this application.
  • This app enables users to maintain numerous type of accounts such as instagram account, Facebook accounts, snapchat account and many other accounts also.

Password Safe Password Manager for Android

8. Password Safe

Password safe application is extremely very good android application that enables people to secure each and every account. You can freely install this password app from google play store. Users can easily restores and backup their data by using this password application. It facilitates users to generate strong password. I assure that you will find this application very attractive and awesome as well. Install password safe app immediately to greatly secure your accounts.

Features of password safe application:

  • It facilitates user to make number of passwords.
  • This android password application ensure users to safeguard bank credentials also.
  • Its features allow users to easily use software of this interface.

aWallet Password Manager for Android

9. aWallet

AWallet password manager application is really very good to safeguard your necessary and important data. This application is generally very popular which helps to keep our bank credential, important data, files and accounts safe. AWallet password manager application has amazing customer reviews, it rated 4.4 out of 5. It is supportable for any android device. It consist of most amazing auto lock feature, you can easily set this feature in your device for high security. This password manager application provides very attractive graphics and software, users can easily operate it.

Features of aWallet password manager app:

  • Users can use auto lock feature to secure data.
  • It has simple user interface also, user simply can use it easily.
  • You can create so many types of passwords such as pattern lock, number lock and character recognition password.

Dashlane Password Manager for Android

10. Dashlane

Dashlane password manager app is extremely very amazing. It has lot of attractive features to safeguard or to secure important data. You can find this android application amazing after using it in your smartphone or android phone. Users can easily make any type of password for their websites and many other accounts as well. Basically, the best and favourable part about this android application is that, it consume less space or memory.

Features of dashlane password manager app:

  • Users can easily keep passwords for different accounts by operating this wonderful password manager application.
  • It also enable users to create password for credit card and ensure secure payment.
  • It also helps to login any website or an account within seconds.

Final Thoughts,

All these password manager applications are literally very fantastic and attractive which keep all the data safe with strong passwords. It also helps to secure bank credentials. You should download Best free password manager apps password application if you are looking for it. These application will surely satisfy you with its amazing features. All these password applications which i had mentioned above are non chargeable.

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