10 Karaoke Apps for Android & iPhone

Best Karaoke Apps for FreeIn this social trending era, everyone likes to listen to music. People like to listen to music in their leisure time as it is the best way to relax. Almost everyone wishes to sing a song whether they have a good voice or not. But they are not able to sing because they do not have instruments. “Karaoke” is the term that comes into the picture when you think of singing. You can sing without being worried about instruments.

Karaoke means “empty orchestra” – music played in background and person can sing and music will automatically be played. There are 1000’s of songs that can be played in karaoke and the best thing is there are various free karaoke apps available which you can download online. These karaoke apps are very easy to access and provide different categories of music available. You can also record that music and also be share with your friends.

Earlier, I have also shared free music apps as well as free movies apps for your smartphone.

Top 10 Karaoke Apps for Smartphone

1. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Christmas Carol Karaoke App DownloadAlmost all of you love to listen to jingle songs and Christmas songs as well. This app provides amazing features which allow users to record Christmas songs to celebrate Christmas eve or Christmas day. This fantastic karaoke application charges nothing for installation.

Download Christmas Carol Karaoke

Features of Christmas Carol Karaoke

  • It facilitates users to record video and audio clips both.
  • The user can share his own videos and audios with other users.
  • It allows you to create your own library of video and audio tracks.

2. Karaoke Cloud

Karaoke Cloud App Download

Here is a free and fantastic karaoke application for singers who love to record their voice. It has the amazing selection of audio tracks with different categories. It consists of wonderful features and functions. This app is extremely very simple and easy to use. One can understand its features very easily after using. Download Karaoke Cloud app for free to entertain yourself in spare time.

Download Karaoke Cloud App

Features of Karaoke Cloud App

  • Karaoke cloud helps improve the voice quality.
  • It helps users to spread their audios all over the world.
  • It provides amazing effects for editing the video and audio tracks.
  • You can also make or record a duet with anyone.

3. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing Karaoke by Smule App DownloadSing! Karaoke by Smule is the best karaoke app for your android device that helps to record songs in your voice and share your recorded songs with friends. This app will also help you to keep your voice recordings as a reminder. Usually, this amazing karaoke app contains super hit songs of famous artists of different categories. However, songs are classified into different genres such as pop, classic, funny, free, new and many more. One can search songs by the name of artists and title as well and the recent super hit songs are regularly added to the different genres or categories.

Sing Karaoke for AndroidSing Karaoke for iOS

Features of Sing! Karaoke by Smule

  • This app is actually very convenient, provide different categories of songs.
  • The most amazing feature of this app is you can also record a duet.
  • It also facilitates user to share their records with anyone.
  • You can save your favorite records.
  • This application provides the special filters for improving the quality of songs.

4. StarMaker

Starmaker Karaoke App DownloadAre you a music lover or love to record audios and videos in your voice? Just download Starmaker free karaoke app on your android or iPhone device to amazingly make recordings. It has many attractive features that satisfy all the karaoke app users. It provides a wide collection of songs with different categories. It assists users to edit their recordings or tracks before sharing it with people.

StarMaker App for Android

StarMaker App for iOS

Features of Starmaker Karaoke App

  • It provides special effects for editing songs and recordings as well.
  • It has some amazing technologies that help to improve voice.
  • It provides flexibility in recording songs.
  • You can record a duet with your favorite people.

5. Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere App DownloadIf you would like to become a popular singer, instantly download karaoke anywhere. It is one of the best karaoke apps for singers. Karaoke app contains numerous songs of different genres. You can listen and watch any of our favorite songs for free. All you need to do is search the song by title and an artist as well. This is free voice recording application. Certainly, karaoke anywhere is for all the android phones and iPhone devices.

Karaoke Anywhere for Android

Karaoke Anywhere for iOS

Features of Karaoke Anywhere App

  • You can record any of your favorite song with flexibility.
  • You can be able to save your recordings.
  • Karaoke anywhere app provides special filters and effects for editing songs.
  • It also helps to improve the quality of songs.
  • This app would facilitate you to make infinite recordings and become popular by sharing and uploading it.

6. Karaoke Mode

Karaoke Mode App DownloadYeah! Here is the another most favorable karaoke mode for those who like singing and love to record. Karaoke mode provides amazing music library to the users. It facilities users to sing the song using this amazing karaoke mode application. It is generally a great source of entertainment. You can download this app to your smartphone for free. It contains the best features as compared to all the karaoke applications.

Karaoke Mode for Android

Features of Karaoke Mode App

  • Karaoke mode application provides a facility to make your own music library.
  • After recording a song, you will be able to share it with your loved ones and dear ones as well.
  • It helps to boost the quality of recordings or songs.
  • It also assists you to record a duet.
  • Karaoke mode app provides flexibility in listening and recording songs.

7. Soulo Karaoke App

Soulo Karaoke App DownloadSoulo karaoke is the most amazing and standard application. This karaoke app contains fantastic features to satisfy people. If you are a singer, this karaoke app can be the suitable one for you. You can record any audio track with help of soulo karaoke app. It provides a large database of audio tracks or songs. Soulo Karaoke is a free application.

Soulo Karaoke for iOS

Features of Soulo Karaoke

  • Soulo karaoke facilitates users to access any of their favorite songs.
  • Users can record numerous songs with the attractive sound quality.
  • It has the most amazing feature to control the pitch and sound level of recordings.

8. SingSnap Karaoke

Singsnap Karaoke App DownloadSingSnap Karaoke is a wonderful application which cost nothing. One can download this app for android device for free of cost. It is an entertainment application. You can record songs anytime and anywhere. Sing snap karaoke consists of very fantastic features to attract users. It provides an amazing catalog of songs. This app also facilitates users to comment on the recordings. Immediately install this free application to spend your leisure or spare time.

SingSnap Karaoke for iOS

Features of SingSnap Karaoke

  • You can be able to record audios clips as well as video clips.
  • It also facilitates users to create a duet with other users.
  • It has favorable privacy settings. People can hide their recordings and can share also.
  • You can share your video or audio clips on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other applications.

9. Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke Sing & Record App DownloadRed Karaoke app is an excellent recording application. You can sing and record your favorite songs frequently. This application has attracted so many people who love to sing or record songs in their own voice. It provides an amazing collection of songs with different categories. Red karaoke app is supportable on all Android phones, iPhone, and tablets as well. If you love to sing or record, install red karaoke immediately in your device.

Red Karaoke for Android

Red Karaoke for iOS

Features of Red Karaoke

  • This app facilitates you to make recordings frequently for free.
  • You can also watch or listen anyone’s recording without any problem.
  • After recording a song, you can share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and siblings.
  • You can also record songs with your friends and siblings.

10. Yokee

Yokee App DownloadYokee is the best voice recording application that would assist to show everyone your singing talent. This app provides numerous tracks, divided into appropriate categories. Yokee app is mostly similar to red karaoke app. It has all the attractive features to excite users. If you love to record audios, download Yokee karaoke app to your smartphone, which will aid you to record songs and videos as well.

Yokee for Android

Yokee for iOS

Features of Yokee App

  • Yokee karaoke app assists users to enhance their voice.
  • It offers some special and attractive features to edit the audio track.
  • It also facilitates all the users to share their recording with the whole world.
  • It also facilitates to listen to the recordings of their favorite people.

Final Words

Install these karaoke apps on your device to make audios and videos in your spare time. These are the best karaoke apps for singers. Karaoke apps contain various features to satisfy and attract many users. Install the fine karaoke app in your android and iPhone device for entertainment. These apps are a complete package of enjoyment.

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