Top 10 Free Browsers for Android

Browsers are the search engines which helps us to access all the information available on the web. There are some Android Browsers where it works more reliably and efficiently.  People tend to choose the browser which works faster and has the number of updated features.

Top 10 Best Browser for Android Devices

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser which is pre-installed on many devices. It includes all the updated features like Google voice search, Google translate, incognito mode, desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, etc. It is more reliable and has faster browsing speed where it also has control over the tabs which saves the data.

In Google Chrome, Tabs can be dragged out into separate windows without any trouble, and later moved to the same page. To make it easier for searching during the startup time it lists the frequently used websites. If anyone of the sites gets clashed, there will be no effect on other sites. Chrome needs only a few seconds to install.

2. Firefox

Firefox for Mobile Logo

The Iconic browser used by millions of people all over the world is Firefox. It has control over top-visited sites, recent history, bookmarks where they can spend less time in searching for the same topics searched earlier and the favorite sites visited. The browsing history is kept secured.

There are some themes which are available in Firefox, and there are some extensions. Those extensions are used to check the notifications from the toolbar, likewise, it receives all the notifications immediately and helps us letting know.

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini Logo

Opera has an excellent feature of news feed with customizable channels. While zooming, Opera fits the text correctly to the page. Opera mini is used to optimize the significant amount of data by performing more work.

It is lightweight and helps in compressing the websites for fast loading time. The unique feature is Voice interaction where it helps to reload the pages, open a new tab, clicking the links, etc. 

4. Dolphin

Dolphin Browser Logo

Dolphin has the most attractive features like syncing, Adblocker, tabbed browsing, gesture browsing, HTML5 video player etc.  It also has some other features like searching by voice, sharing, and navigation.

The most important feature is that it cannot be used in desktops. Dolphin runs on Android Phones even with version 2.0.1 or higher and renders flash content. They are even faster in loading the content-heavy pages like PhoneArena.

5. UC Browser

UC Mini Logo

UC Browser has some different features where it blocks all the unwanted ads of advertisements with default add-on. There are some other functions like gesture control, translator and enables to view the pages as the only text method is available for saving the data.

They’ve recently launched their UC Mini App with some exceptional features. 

6. Brave

Brave browser for android

The best feature is that links can redirect to a particular app like Google Play Store, etc. It helps in reducing the drain in battery level and consumes data. It also blocks the third-party cookies and integrates privacy plugins.

Brave is the secured android browser where it blocks website trackers and improves the privacy by sharing only limited amount of data with advertising customers. It removes the online advertisements as to improve the speed of the browser.

7. Puffin Browser

Puffin browser logo

Puffin browser has some unique features where it experiences ultra-fast browsing with enhanced page outlets and has the latest flash version. The files can be saved directly to the Dropbox by cloud storage, and whenever needed it can be collected. This browser fetches more data at a faster time even during less slow connections.

8. Flynx

Flynx browser logo

Flynx can perform multitasking works where it can open multiple links in the background and can quickly switch between them. It can share the links to twitter, facebook, etc. immediately. Flynx automatically removes all the ads which are not necessary and helps in saving the data. It can work in 15 different languages.

9. CM Browser

CM browser logo

CM browser has an inbuilt antivirus engine where it scans everything during browsing. It automatically deletes the history data during the exit from the app. It comes with Card Tabs where accessing some of the websites at the same time is easy. It has privacy cleaner where all the personal data like previously accessed websites, history, etc. will be deleted.

10. Maxthon5 Browser

Maxthon5 browser logo

Maxthon supports the features like Incognito Mode, Flash, etc. for smooth browsing. There are some best features which are unique from other browsers. Magic Fill fills the form details directly; NewsBites are the latest news engine, one-click user agent switcher switches between various sources like desktop, Mobile phones, and tabs.

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