Best Ad Blocker Apps for iPhone

Best Ad Blocker Apps for iPhone 2017If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might remember that earlier I shared some awesome ad blocker apps for Android deviceIn this article today, I will share with you the best ad blocker apps for iPhone.

Every website needs to have ads to run but some websites overdo it and we hate when it happens. New tabs opening automatically, pop-ups everywhere. In some websites, when you click on the background a new tab will open which is really annoying.

And if you’re watching a TV Show, a new tab will open if you click anywhere on the screen in the video player. These two kinds of ads are the most annoying ones, but every ad is annoying unless it’s placed fine and isn’t a pop-up. Everyone hate pop-ups and so do I.

When it comes to IOS devices, they can be a bit smoother compared to Android devices but ads can even slow IOS devices down. Safari is a great and fast browser but when I open a site full of ads, even Safari browser can slow down.

You might have 4G internet and an iPhone but pages with ads are still going to take ages to open and if you click a background ad, a new annoying tab will open just like other devices.

Some ads are not just annoying, but harmful as well.

They can download keyloggers to your phone and steal all your data. Or, they can just insert some malicious code and steal your data. So, today I’ve combined the best ad blocker apps for IOS devices and made a list. Go ahead and find the best ad blocker for your iPhone, which suits your needs.

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The Best Ad Blocker Apps for Your iPhone

1. Focus by Firefox

Developed by the same team which created one of the most successful browser ever, Firefox, Focus is a content blocking app for IOS. The Focus is really easy to use. Though it’s more of a tracking blocker than an ad blocker. It blocks all kinds of ad trackers: analytics trackers, social trackers, “other content trackers” and web fonts.

With the help of Focus, your privacy will remain totally safe and your data usage will decrease while your performance will increase as well. The app is totally free to use.

  • Developed by one of the best app developer teams in the world.
  • Totally free to use and blocks all kinds of tracker ads.

2. Silentium

Silentium by Francesco Zerbinati is one of the best ad blocker for iPhone out there. It saves your battery usage, data and keeps your device safe from malwares, malicious cookies, trackers and you can use whitelisting as well. The app not only has all kinds of basic features but premium features as well. It has low-traffic mode, a filter for cookie-law banners and a parental control feature.

Silentium syncs all of your settings nd preferences to iCloud, so you can have your preferred settings in any device. The app costs $2.99.

  • The app costs a small price of $2.99.
  • Saves your battery usage, data uses and keeps you safe from all kinds of malicious stuff.
  • Has lots of advanced features as well.

3. Better by

Coming at number 3 in our list of the best ad blocker apps, Better by is an app created by a small team of two people. Unlike other ad blockers, Better does things differently. Better is designed to speed up the entire webpage using “Ethical Design” method.

The company has stated that Better is not an advertisement blocker but is rather something that can keep you safe from malware and trackers. It blocks any trackers, web malware, click baits that try to come in your way. Better does not stop companies trying to advertise, but instead acknowledges and supports those who are trying to do the right thing.

Better is not a free app. It is available for $4.99. It is a bit expensive but it’s totally developed by two passionate people. You should pay them if you want them to keep giving you new features and developing the app. You can also donate then using their website.

They might not claim to be an ad blocker, but they do block tracker and malwares. We can surely say it’s one of the best ad blocker apps for IOS.

  • The app costs $4.99.
  • Keeps you safe from any malware, tracker that try to get in your way.

4. Disconnect

Disconnect offers many powerful features for IOS devices. Disconnect was given the title of Favourite Privacy Tool by The New York Times in February. Disconnect is available for other platforms like Android, and desktop as well.

In IOS, there is a free version of this app and other one-time purchase versions as well. Just like other ad blockers for iPhone, disconnect also increase your webpage speed and saves data. There is no advanced settings either. All you have to do is enable the app by clicking on one button.

  • The app is totally free.
  • No advanced settings. All you have to do is click one button.

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5. Purify by Chris Aljoudi

Purify is another one of the best ad blocker apps. It lets you whitelist your favourite websites so you can keep viewing their ads. Purify was developed long ago and it was one of the first content blockers on IOS. Just like other ad blockers, Purify also claims to save your data and speed up your phone.

Using Purify you can block ads, trackers, comments, scripts, cookies, social media buttons, images and fonts. The app costs $1.99.

  • The app costs $1.99.
  • One of the youngest and trusted ad blocker.

6. Umbra by MoboTap Inc.

MoboTap Inc. is the same company that created the famous Dolphin browser. Umbra can block ads, save data, speed up page loading time, and you can create your own rules on how you want to block the ads. Umbra is the last member of our list of the best ad blocker apps for iPhone. It totally deserves to be here, just like the other apps.

There are two versions of Umbra, Umbra free and Umbra Pro, the paid version. I haven’t noticed any difference in the features of the two, so I would suggest you to download the free version.

  • Both free and paid versions available.
  • Developed by the same team which developed the popular Dolphin browser.


So these were my picks for the best ad blocker apps for iPhone. The apps are totally safe, and some of them offer really great features. The apps are really useful if you visit a website full of ads frequently. Though I wouldn’t suggest you to block all the ads on any website. Websites need ads to keep running. They need to pay for hosting.

So you should not block all the ads and let at least few ads be there. Some of the apps in this list have the feature to block a chosen quantity of ads on a web page.

If you ask for my suggestion for the best ad blocker for iPhone, I would suggest you Silentium. It is my favourite and surely one of the best ad blocker for iPhone out there. It has many features that can be pretty useful. The app costs $2.99 but it’s totally worth it.

If you like to watch movies and tv shows, you can check my list of best free movie streaming apps for iPhone. I have also shared a list of top 10 free music apps which you may also like.

Also comment which of these ad blocker you liked and feel free to suggest if I forgot to add any quality ad blocker in this list.

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